• 0:04-0:11 // for an upcoming music video for The DoubleClicks. character designs & script provided by client, animation, boards, layouts, bgs etc by me

  • 0:11-0:17 // for Mountan Dew ad made while working at Hornet Inc., i made 2d animation

  • 0:17-0:23 // for anijam, all me.

  • 0:24-0:25// for Captain Morgan ad while working at Transistor Studios. sourcing, design & animation was done by me, "stun it" text asset was done by another artist.

  • 0:26-0:32 // assets for Sasha Velour's Smoke and Mirrors liveshow, all me



MTN DEW: Dewnited States

My work at Hornet, INC. on Mountan Dew’s Dewnited States Campagin


Sasha Velour- 2018-2019

A collection of the animation work I’ve done for Sasha Velour’s performances.


The Doubleclicks I’m Winning- 2019

Animation from music video for The Doubleclicks featuring non-binary artists.


Winter Anijam - 2018

My contribution to gothfrog’s Winterbreak Anijam.